Types of Guitars

Top 3 Guitars For Beginners

We get asked a lot by students what the best beginner guitar for them should be. Perhaps more importantly is the question whether it is best to start out learning on an electric guitar, a classical guitar or a steel string acoustic guitar. These are the main three types if guitars to choose from.

It really is a matter of personal preference. A lot of new guitar students find it easier to start out learning on a classical guitar because the nylon strings are not as tough on the fingers as an electric or even an acoustic guitar with its steel strings. However, the basic concepts, chords, scales and the theory is the same for all three guitars. Little kids usually find it just as easy to play on the electric guitar than on a classical or acoustic. It really depends on the individual. But there is no doubt that steel strings are tougher on the fingers for a beginner than nylon strings are. Another thing to keep in mind is the difference in sound that a guitar with steel strings makes compared to one with nylon. Although you are playing the same chords or melody, there will be a difference in timbre. A guitar with nylon strings is most commonly used in classical music, and Spanish flamingo music. Guitars with steel strings are more commonly used in folk, rock, pop and country music.

Above, we looked at 3 types of guitars. However, what about brand? Well, like anything else in life, you often do get what you pay for. We always suggest to any new student that they should get the best quality guitar they can afford. This will make learning much more pleasurable indeed.

If we were to suggest three types / brands for a beginner, we would go for Gibson, Fender and Ibanez. Therese three makers have a lot of variety in models and guitar types from nylon strings to electric guitars. Gibson and Fender are top of the line brands. However the really great news is the fact that they both make more affordable guitars with their “budget” lines. Gibson makes Epiphone and Fender makes Squier. These are great for beginners to purchase without breaking the bank. Ibanez have some very good models as well that are very affordable and very good deals for the price tag. Those are the three brands I would recommend to new students of guitar.