How to choose a guitar

There is a lot of information and advice out there when it comes to buying a guitar. There are a lot of things to consider. I always tell my students that you can easily get a cheap guitar that just feels more comfortable than a more expensive one. You may also try out an expensive one and actually realize that you get what you pay for. It all varies from time to time and depends also what the individual player is looking for.

Obviously the price and quality are factors to be considered. But what is just as crucial is how the instrument feels. Is it easy to play? Are you comfortable playing it?

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a guitar is its size.
There are guitars that are smaller in size that make it easier for kids to learn on. Some kids have a difficult time holding a regular sized guitar, and here it might be wise to get a smaller one. A regular sized guitar can be to difficult for a child to learn on because of the overall body size and neck width. If you are a grownup or teenager, a regular size guitar would be just fine. However, some people actually like guitars that have a smaller body. Also keep in mind that the shape of a guitar should be considered. Some guitars have funny shapes and forms that, although the look cool and interesting, they may not be the best guitars to start out learning on.

As you can tell, choosing a guitar can be a personal matter indeed. If you have a teacher, it would be a good idea to ask him/her for advice. Or, find a good sales representative at the music store that you are considering buying from. Or, simply ask your friends that may have one or even several guitars if you can try it/them out and get an idea of the one you would like to learn and play on.