3 Must-Have Guitar Accessories

3 Must-Have Guitar Accessories

When you play guitar you will learn that you will need more accessories and “toys” than just the guitar itself. Some are not always super necessary while others are absolutely crucial. In this article we will look at three crucial must have guitar accessories.

1. Tuner

Every guitar player must have a guitar tuner. No matter how good your ear is, a tuner is a very important tool indeed. Keeping your guitar in tune will make learning and playing much more enjoyable. You can get a variety of different kind of tuners. There are clip on tuners, stomp box tuners and more. However, tuning forks and pitch pipes are not recommended. Although they can be used to tune your guitar, it really does take someone with a good ear to utilize it. With an electronic tuner, you quite simply can not go wrong.


A Capo is a device/clamp that you can put on your fretboard and play first position chords all over the neck. By doing this you are changing keys, yet maintaing chord shapes. It is widely used in folk and pop music. Folksinger James Taylor almost always uses a Capo. Even the great Blues guitar player Albert Collins used a Capo on most of his work. So you can act use for many genres indeed.

A capo is a great tool if you are a singer and need to change they key in which a tune is played without having to learn new chords or want to avoid barre chords. Simply change the position of the Capo, and you can use the exact same first position chord shapes, yet you have altered the key. Sometimes, a song may not fit particular singers voice. Changing keys may help, and a Capo is a great and easy way to change the key of a tune on the guitar.


A metronome is a device that helps you keep time. It can be used when playing scales, exercises, songs, note reading or even just jamming. Unfortunately, the metronome is often overlooked by guitar players. Especially among the beginners. It does take discipline and patience to use and practice with a metronome. However, by incorporating into your practice routine, your timing will improve tremendously and good timing is a key element to being a well rounded and serious guitar player.